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dark tranquillity to play Gefle Metal Festival

We are confirmed for Gefle Metal Festival on July 20. Looking forward to be back. See you there!




Dark Tranquillity to play Hellfest

Dark Tranquillity is confirmed for Hellfest! June 22nd. Already sold out. This is gonna be awesome! :-D


Dark Tranquillity to play Close-Up Båten 24

March 28-29, Silja Galaxy, departing from Stockholm. See you there! Tickets here: Close-Up Båten 24-tickets


Dark tranquillity to play Rock the Coast

On June 15! Awesome line-up! Tickets here: Rock the Coast-tickets


Dark Tranquillity Russia/Belarus/Ukraine-tour

Ukraine! Belarus! Russia! See you in February. I can't wait! 


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