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Sa Salas-video added to media-section

Check out my song "Sa Salas" that was featured on the Lynchland-mixtape-compilation! Click the Media-section!

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New song Sa Salas featured on David Lynch - Lynchland - compilation!

I'm very happy to have my song "Sa Salas" featured on the "Lynchland Members Mix #1" by the David Lynch - Lynchland-FB-page, as David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti are two of my biggest influences!

Listen here: Lynchland Members Mixtape #1 at 41:00

Also check out the other songs - really, really cool stuff! :-)

"The Lynchian Mixtapes are a collection of songs that sound and feel like they belong in a David Lynch movie. Their purpose is to reflect the peculiar combination of darkness, weirdness and ingenuity in the director's work."
- David Lynch - Lynchland

Samples taken from Julee Cruise - "I remember" by Badalamenti/Lynch off the album "Floating into the Night" and vocal sample taken from Bernart de Ventadorn - "Can vei la lauzeta mover". Music, instruments, recording, mixing and mastering by Johan Reinholdz @ Multipass Studios, Malmö, Sweden, 2015.


New pics from the gig with Faithful Darkness in Italy!

I had a great time at the Archtype-festival in Sand in Taufers, Italy, substiuting as the vocalist/leadguitarist in Faithful Darkness the other week. Thanks to everyone who showed up and the guys in the bands!


Markus of Eucharist visited Multipass Studios for guest-vocalist-session on Nonexist-song!

I had the pleasure and honour of having a Swedish deathmetal-legend in my studio the other day - Markus of Eucharist! I'm a big fan of his and the band since my early teens when they helped pioneer the melodic/blackened-deathmetal that was developing then. He cut some guest-vocals on a song called "Dead Black Embrace", which will be featured on an upcoming release entitled "In Praise of Death EP".


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