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Andromdeda - Live in Vietnam now shipped out!

Finally! The "Live in Vietnam"-DVD has been shipped out to all Pledgers. Thanks A LOT for your patience and support!

New official Nonexist-video up on youtube!

"A Promise Unfulfilled" in a bit edited version with my vocals added from the upcoming The New Flesh EP is now up on youtube. Check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMs7AupQcgE

Murdered Beats 4-track EP in the making!

We are planning and working on 4 tracks to be released sometime during 2016 as an EP. Stay tuned!

Nonexist - The New Flesh EP in the making!

Nonexist is currently working on a new EP which will introduce me as the frontman of the band. More news soon to follow.

Pledge-campaign for Andromeda - Live In Vietnam ends in success!

We have now reached our goal! Thanks a lot to all Pledgers!

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