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Dark Tranquillity to play Hellfest

Dark Tranquillity is confirmed for Hellfest! June 22nd. Already sold out. This is gonna be awesome! :-D


Dark Tranquillity to play Close-Up Båten 24

March 28-29, Silja Galaxy, departing from Stockholm. See you there! Tickets here: Close-Up Båten 24-tickets


Dark tranquillity to play Rock the Coast

On June 15! Awesome line-up! Tickets here: Rock the Coast-tickets


Dark Tranquillity Russia/Belarus/Ukraine-tour

Ukraine! Belarus! Russia! See you in February. I can't wait! 


New interview for Metal-rules.com

New interview for Metal-Rules.com about Nonexist, Dark Tranquillity, Andromeda, Murdered Beats and more!

Interview for Metal-rules.com

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